The Budget Holder’s Survival Guide

The NHS Budget Holder's Survival Guide
The essential first course:

Get the skills… to use your budget… to benefit your patients, clients and service users.

This one day workshop is the essential practical introduction to the skills and knowledge managers and clinicians need to benefit their patients by successful use of their budgets.

It covers all aspects of budgets and budgetary control in the NHS. It is designed for budget holders at all levels and for those who deputise for, or are likely to become budget holders in the future. No prior knowledge is assumed. Engaging practical exercises are backed-up by simple theory to ensure comprehensive coverage of all the basics. No unnecessary jargon is used.


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • List their financial responsibilities
  • Get the best out of their finance department
  • Use a simple step-by-step method to interpret financial reports
  • Project and forecast future financial problems
  • List reasons for variances from budget
Course content:
  • Budgets and budgetary control
  • Understanding financial reports
  • The three methods of accounting
  • Forecasting your financial position
  • How budgets are set
  • Planning to develop your service
  • Your responsibilities… and your rights
  • The seven point plan for interpreting your financial information.

Who should attend?

All staff who are responsible, or who will shortly be responsible, for a budget.

Download a Programme

The NHS Budget Holder's Survival Guide - Programme


“I wish I had been on this course years ago. I feel it would have helped me so much then. I know I can utilise what I have learnt now. It has been time well spent. Thank you.”
“The content and method of teaching have been excellent.”
“I feel that the tutor delivered the course extremely well and made what could have been a difficult, unpleasant subject simple, clear and easy to understand.”
“Excellent course. I will spend my 15 minutes a month wisely. Thank you.”

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