Marketing Yourself and Your Service

Marketing Yourself and Your Service
For all NHS clinicians and managers:

This one-day interactive workshop takes delegates through all the practical steps needed to market their service. A thorough grounding in all aspects of marketing is given, including how to identify your customers and their needs and expectations, all illustrated with practical examples from primary, secondary and tertiary NHS services. The difference between marketing, selling and advertising as well as the difference between customers, clients and commissioners is clearly covered. This workshop will allow you to educate your customers to understand your service to make best use of it. Practical tools to turn features of your service into benefits for your customers are covered, together with using the Marketing Mix in health. All essential jargon is fully defined and explained.

  • Understand the importance of being able to market their services.
  • Confidently identify their service features and formulate them into impressive customer benefits.
  • Understand marketing techniques that can help them to sell their services.
Who should attend?

This one day workshop is designed for all NHS managers and clinicians.

  • An overview of the marketing process
  • Market research and marketing research
  • Becoming a customer-focussed organisation
  • To see how marketing works in relation to other disciplines
  • The principles of marketing communications
  • Marketing planning tools
  • How to communicate with commissioners, partners, and service users
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Marketing Yourself and Your Service - Programme


“A well presented excellent course with lots of worked examples.” – Archie Kaul-Mead, Deputy Service Manager

“Very engaging presenter. Managed disruption very effectively.” – Lisa Poynter, Lead for Safeguarding Adults

“A good presentation style, very interactive. Thank you very much.” – Leigh-Anne Mupfumira, Alcohol and Drugs Specialist Nurse

“Well done on presenting another great course, I wish all of our senior management team had attended. I will definitely be spreading the word.” – Sharon Warner, Deputy Head of Estates and Facilities

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to attend this fantastic course which will help in my place of work immensely.” – Alex Cavanagh, Commercial Development Manager

“Well taught session which has changed my mindset of how to market my service.” – Taffie Chirowodza, Deputy Ward Manager

“Really interesting day which has given me lots of ideas of things to do when I return to work. Very good presentation, made a seemingly boring topic enjoyable and interesting.” – Lizz Grimwade, Principal Clinical Scientist

“What was really good was that I had a number of ‘light-bulb’ moment that I will action when I get back to the office.” – Louise Cornell, Programme Manager, Integrated Care, Norfolk Community Health and Care

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