Costing Your Service

Costing Your Service
A comprehensive event on all the essential aspects of costing NHS services

This one-day interactive workshop takes delegates through all the practical steps to cost their services and to challenge benchmarking statistics comparing their costs to others. A thorough grounding in all aspects of service costing is given, including cost behaviour and cost structure, together with full and marginal costing, all illustrated with practical examples from community nursing and therapy services. All essential jargon is fully defined and explained. All the principles of the Approved Costing Guidance are explored.


By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Confidently cost their services, so that a true reflection of service costs can be obtained.
  • Ensure all costs are included.
  • Identify the cost behaviour and cost structure of their costs.
  • Decide when to use marginal and full costs.
  • Understand how to cost services in order to make bids for funding.
Course Programme
  • Cost behaviour.
  • Full cost and marginal cost.
  • The contribution model.
  • Cost structure.
  • Allocation and apportionment.
  • Comparing costs.
  • Starting, stopping and moving services – the effect on costs.
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Costing Your Service - Programme


“Clear presentations. A good mix of learning styles.”
“Very clear speaker. Provided good examples of application in practice.”
“Interactive. Keep you focussed. Good trainer.”
“David made the subject more readily understandable. He made the day enjoyable and held my interest. David allowed lots of questions and debate that was stimulating.”
“Excellent. Very interesting and clear.”
“Entertaining and very good.”
“This could have been a very dry topic but David made it interesting.”
“Very enjoyable presentations, pitched at the right level. Very good and useful day.”

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