The Budget Holder’s Survival Guide – West Yorkshire

The NHS Budget Holder's Survival Guide

I delivered The Budget Holder’s Survival Guide today in Keighley, West Yorkshire. Fifteen people attended and every one of them rated their overall impression of the day as ‘Excellent’ and their overall impression of the speaker as ‘Excellent’.

Here are some of the comments made:

“Can’t believe how such a ‘dry’ subject could be presented in such an interesting and enjoyable way – thank you.” – Community Midwifery Manager

“Never change the way that you deliver it” – Senior Charge Nurse

“Extremely enjoyable course – I’ve been a budget holder for 6 years and learned a lot from the day.” – Head of Radiology and Neurophysiology

“Superb, relevant study day.” – Senior Sister OPD

“Thanks. Excellent. A must for all budget holders.” – Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Manager

“This is a very deep and dull topic. David made this day very interesting. Lots of information given in an excellent way. This was the best study day I’d ever attended. Thank you.” – Specialist Pharmacist Technician

“The course was entertaining with excellent advice and information.” – Mobility Services Manager

“David is a brilliant facilitator, made the day enjoyable and humorous. Thanks.” – Senior Sister

“An extremely engaging and motivating speaker. Never thought that budgets could be made interesting!” – ANC/Maternity Assessment Centre Manager


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We asked for feedback from those who had attended and they were all extremely positive – especially about David Bailey.

I have met with three of the budget holders since the course and they have really taken on board what was taught. All of them were pretty good before the training but now they understand what they should focus on and are all following the “7 Steps”. One has even been given the confidence to put together a document to take to her manager to address cost pressures.

Overall it was a huge success. Everyone found something useful to take back into the workplace. A few of the budget holders may have been a little too experienced for the course but I think they also found it interesting and will hopefully pass on the principles to other members of staff.

Some of the comments we received:
• I personally found it interesting and informative. It is pitched at a level of someone who is relatively new to budget management (although by saying new I mean up to 2 years experience) but I took plenty of tips to take away from the day even though I have held budgets for 6 years. If the opportunity to run the session arises again I would definitely recommend that any clinically based manager who has held a budget for less than 3-4 should attend and any managers with more experience would still benefit.
• I felt that I learnt a lot and it is a very beneficial day that met all the objectives.
• The study day was excellent, and all budget holders should attend it as compulsory! The speaker was highly engaging and entertaining, never anticipated that I would enjoy a day about budgets so much!!

I have had a few people enquire as to whether another training day would be held. I know the demand is high from all NHS organizations to attend this course but we would love for you to hold another event in our area if possible.

Thank you very much for organizing the event specifically for us and all your help in the run up. I am hoping that now some of the staff have had a taster of the training available they may enroll on other events a bit further afield; two people have already expressed an interested in attending “Making a business case”.

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