Making the Business Case – Hampshire

Making the Business Case

Running any development event needs thorough preparation and concentration. It’s important to know who your delegates are, what their roles are and what’s happening in their NHS organisation at the time. It’s always a challenge whatever the background of the participants, but to present a full training day when every delegate is from a learning and development background – well, that’s a real challenge!

Comments from Making the Business Case included:

“Good interactive day with good amounts of group work and theory”Helen LeLean, Preceptorship Lead, Hampshire Community Health Care
“Very clear, interesting course. Excellent tutor, good mix of discussion and actual group exercises to check understanding and try out tools / techniques.”Delia Burtchaell, Head of CPDMH, Hampshire PCT
“Very good presenter. Made the course interesting and relevant.”Cheryl Morgan, Learning Environment Lead, Hampshire Community Health Care

High praise indeed from professional learning and development experts.


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