The NHS Budget Holder’s Survival Guide – NHS Leeds

The NHS Budget Holder's Survival Guide

I’ve been running open access workshops in Yorkshire and the Humber for several years and they are always so heavily over-subscribed that several NHS organisations have begun to commission their own in-house The NHS Budget Holder’s Survival Guide events. NHS Leeds is one of those organisations. Leeds is such a welcoming city it’s always a pleasure to visit. Many thanks to all the participants for such a positive day.

Evaluation comments from the day included:

“Excellent. Didn’t think finance could be so interesting. Great way of presenting and made the budgets make sense.”Chris Rowlands, Clinical and Medicines Manager
“Excellent engagement skills and makes finance more interesting.” Samantha Middleton, Head of Service
“Excellent course. Really appropriate. Enjoyed the delivery.” Catherine Hall, Head of Service
“Good balance of group work and discussion.” Denise Gibson, Head of Wellbeing Services, Patient Safety Lead
“Really enjoyed the interaction.”Julie Arundale, Head of Service CASH
“Now give me a budget to manage!” Stephen Brennan, Muskuloskeletal Physician
“Liked the mix of exercises and discussion. Liked the humour. Made the subject matter interesting. Credible and knowledgeable background.”Anne McGee, Service Improvement Lead


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