“Should be mandatory for all managers.”

The NHS Budget Holder's Survival Guide

A day with 13 managers in 5 Boroughs Partnership – and The NHS Budget Holder’s Survival Guide. Here’s just a small selection of their comments (reproduced with kind permission) on the development event:

“A very enjoyable and informative day.” Donna Griffiths
“Very valuable and will certainly enhance my ability to review and understand my budget.” Cath Birtle, Team Manager
“David took the fear out of this course for me.”Julie Critchley, Team Manager
“Enjoyed the day and the delivery of the course which made it interesting.”Marion Jones, Ward Manager
“Very informative. Should be mandatory for all managers.”Marie Lyon, CMHT Manager
“Enjoyable and interesting workshop.”Adrianne Roberts, Matron
“Very enjoyable and glad I came!”Damian Byrne, Head of Workforce Planning and Resourcing
“Practical exercises are extremely useful in highlighting / reinforcing learning. Very well structured. Excellent workshop.”Lorraine Prescott, Chief Pharmacist

If you would like me to run an event for you within the NHS, please get in touch using the Contact Me page.


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