“The most entertaining finance person I’ve ever met/listened to.”

“Excellent speaker – made finance interesting.”

I’ve worked with The King’s Fund on many of their Aspiring Directors programmes in the past so it has been a pleasure to be involved with their Commissioning Consortia Business Critical Role Leadership Programme. The Leadership Programme is run through the NHS North West Leadership Academy:

The North West Leadership Academy was established in 2007, for the NHS and owned by the NHS. Currently we have 64 NHS Trusts from the North West who subscribe to our services

Comments from the new GP Consortia leaders have included (reproduced with permission of The King’s Fund):

“David Bailey was really funny, I liked his sense of humour which made the session more interesting and memorable.”

“This is information that has definitely enabled me when attending meetings on the subject of commisioning. I feel as if I have gained a much better perspective of how things sit together.”

“It has allowed me to reflect on the way we do business and given me a broader perspective on the way Government monies are distributed. This is something I can share with the clinical leads of our organisation.”

“It’s led me to understand marginal costs a lot better and to reflect on some of my Surgery’s provider functions – it’s also led me to understand some of the local acute’s concerns re decommissioning.”

“Excellent speaker – made finance interesting.”

“It gave me a better understanding about where the money comes from which I was surprised at my own knowledge of this after the quiz. Looking at expenditure for commissioning was very useful.”

“The most entertaining finance person I’ve ever met/listened to. The story about the Lab Services contract in Torquay was most illuminating – an object lesson for all commissioners. Getting a clearer picture about fixed & variable costs and service capacities was very useful.”

I very much look forward to the next event.


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