“The speaker was probably the best I have seen.”

I’ve worked with The King’s Fund on many of their Aspiring Directors programmes in the past so it has been a pleasure to be involved with their Commissioning Consortia Business Critical Role Leadership Programme. The Leadership Programme is run through the NHS North West Leadership Academy:

The North West Leadership Academy was established in 2007, for the NHS and owned by the NHS. Currently we have 64 NHS Trusts from the North West who subscribe to our services

Comments from the new GP Consortia leaders have included (reproduced with permission of The King’s Fund):

30 June

“The personality of the presenter – actually made finance and economics interesting and I will be using some of his ways of putting things in my own presentations.”

“Broad approach and also context.”

“Emphasis that it not only about money.”

“Overall view of the wider aspect of finances. Excellent speaker.”

“Made finance interesting and made me think.”

20 July

“The speaker was probably the best I have seen and made numbers look easy reading.”


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