“Very professional presentation.”

A favourite venue of mine and a favourite development event: The British Racing School in Newmarket and Costing Your Service. It’s over twenty years since I first did Departmental and Speciality Cost Returns in the NHS in Oxford District Health Authority using an Apricot Computer and the Bradford and Calderdale System. The same two-stage apportionment used back then is the same as used within the current National Reference Costs. Here are just some of the comments made by delegates on the day (reproduced with kind written permission from each):

“Same high standard as ‘Making the Business Case’!” Phil Mellows, Finance Assistant, East of England SHA

“Very professional presentation. Applying practice to theory, applied different viewpoints / interpretations of models. Good practical examples.”Ian Hanwell, Senior Finance Analyst, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn Foundation Trust

“Very clear presentation. Would be confident explaining to colleagues and applying in workplace.”Dawn Dilley, Directorate Financial Analyst, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Here are links to some of the key documentation:

The NHS Costing Manual

NHS Costing Manual 2009-2010

Payment by Results

Payment by Results

NHS Reference Costs

DH – NHS reference costs 2009-2010
DH – NHS reference costs 2008-2009
DH – NHS reference costs 2007-08
DH – NHS reference costs 2006-07
Audit Commission – Reference costs in the NHS
The Information Centre – HRG4 2010/11 Reference Costs Grouper Documentation

Framework for Costing Service Changes

Framework for Costing Service Changes – Guidance
Framework for Costing Service Changes – Pro-Formas and Cost Matrices
Framework for Costing Service Changes – Scenarios


Definition: patient-level information and costing systems

Many thanks to everyone who attended for such a positive day.


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