“Fantastic trainer!”

The NHS Budget Holder's Survival Guide

A deeply satisfying day with a group of managers from 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Trust running The NHS Budget Holder’s Survival Guide.

Evaluation Comments

Comments included (reproduced with written permission of each delegate):

“Really interesting day that I have learnt lots and also really enjoyed.”
“Excellent presentation of a potentially ‘dynamite’ topic – excellent presenter with lots of humour and anecdotes to help understand the topic!”
“Case studies all very useful. Made information on finances very interesting and entertaining. Fantastic trainer!”
“Very engaging day.”
“David delivered the training of a dry subject in a very meaningful and interesting way. Thank you!”
“Excellent workshop – very informative and delivery was engaging and interesting.”

Many thanks to everyone who attended and participated so enthusiastically. Here are some of the things delegates say they learned in answer to the question: What have you learnt in particular?:

“Fully understand budget statement – learnt about accrual and reverses.”
“My responsibility for my budget and where it fits in the organisation.”
“Financial responsibilities. Get the best out of your finance department.”
“How to understand budgets, forecasts, problems, how to plan use of budgets, how budgets are set.”
“Methods of accounting.”
“At a glance to be able to analyse a budget statement.”
“Analysing budget statements.”
“Explain issues and suggest solutions for my budget to my line manager.”
“Importance of regular meetings with finance managers. Ask questions. Simple methods to look at budgets.”
“Just got a good understanding.”
“Interpret financial reports succinctly and in a meaningful way.”
“A method for carrying out quick review of budget statement. How to interpret a Budget statement correctly. How to understand accrual method of accounting.
Focus / prioritise what / how you spend your time when analysing your budget and taking real action when addressing areas of over/underspend. Don’t just ‘look’.”
“Understanding the budget printouts so can contribute to further staffing.”

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