More tender success – this time with Speech and Language Therapy

I spend about half of my working time delivering development events to managers, clinicians, Boards and finance staff on all aspects of NHS finance, budgeting, tenders and business cases. The rest of my time is spent doing the actual work – the budgeting, the tenders and the business cases. I’ve recently been working with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust Children and Families Division on tenders for clinical services. One of these was a competitive tender for Speech and Language Therapy services within Buckinghamshire. I’m delighted to say that we were once again successful and the service will now be provided on a equitable basis across the whole county with an integrated service using a new service model. Here’s the announcement:

Firstly I would like to welcome our new staff from the Buckinghamshire Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Services who joined our Trust on Monday 24th October following a successful tender process. A lot of work has been taking place over the last few months to engage with staff, partners and families to ensure they have been involved in the service transfer. This work will continue as we work towards improving the service model in Buckinghamshire. The aims of this work will be to improve access to the services, ensure consistency across the county and to maintain a high standard of quality across the service.

Julie Waldron
Chief Executive, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

It was a pleasure to work on the final presentations to stakeholders, children and young people and parents and carers. Thanks to everyone involved.

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