“Thank you very much for making a subject I find difficult to understand fun, exciting and easy to understand. Very much appreciated.”

Finance and Health Economics

A pleasurable day working on the Children and Young People’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Service (CYP IAPT) Leads Programme being delivered at Reading University. It is part of The Children and Young People’s IAPT Project. The Children and Young people’s IAPT Project asked universities and teaching providers (HEIs) to link up with local CAMHS partnerships to come together to transform their local CAMHS. I was involved in submitting a successful bid for one partnership to transform services. It’s therefore a pleasure to follow up this work with being engaged to train service leads in business skills to transform their services.

Comments from today’s event include (with written permission received from each):

“Very enjoyable.” – Mary Holba, Professional Lead for Clinical Psychology, 2gether NHS Foundation Trust
“Very lively and engaging presenter.” – Consultant Family Therapist, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
“Great day. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.” – Mike Kelly, Associate Director, Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust
“Thank you very much for making a subject I find difficult to understand fun, exciting and easy to understand. Very much appreciated.” – Sarah Brace, Acting Operational Manager, Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust


Here are the resources from the day:

The Treasury’s Budget in pdf format
The Chartered Institute of Marketing: The real NHS: the benefits of a marketing approach

The Green Book is HM Treasury guidance for Central Government, setting out a framework for the appraisal and evaluation of all policies, programmes and projects. It sets out the key stages in the development of a proposal from the articulation of the rationale for intervention and the setting of objectives, through to options appraisal and, eventually, implementation and evaluation. It describes how the economic, financial, social and environmental assessments of a proposal should be combined and aims to ensure consistency and transparency in the appraisal process throughout government.

The Green Book

The Magenta Book is HM Treasury guidance on evaluation for Central Government, but will also be useful for all policy makers, including in local government, charities and the voluntary sectors. It sets out the key issues to consider when designing and managing evaluations, and the presentation and interpretation of evaluation results. It describes why thinking about evaluation before and during the policy design phase can help to improve the quality of evaluation results without needing to hinder the policy process.

Magenta Book

Many thanks to everyone involved. Good luck in making a real difference to young peoples’ lives.


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