“Can’t fault it!”

Commerical Skills for CSS

According to the NHS Commissioning Board in its Commissioning Support Key Facts Commissioning Support Services have the following roles:

“Local and national CSS are being designed to offer an efficient, locally-sensitive and customer-focused service to CCGs. CCGs are likely to need support in carrying out both the transformational commissioning functions, like leading change and service redesign, and the more transactional commissioning functions, such as procurement, contract negotiation and monitoring, information analysis, and risk stratification.”

The aim of today’s event near York was to identify how Commissioning Support Services can create efficient, locally-sensitive and customer-focused services by using commercial skills and understanding.

Workshop Objectives

The objectives of the day were that by the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of being able to market their services.
  • Confidently identify their service features and formulate them into impressive customer benefits.
  • Use commercial skills that can help them to sell their services.
Evaluation Comments

Comments from delegates include (all reproduced with kind written permission):

“I would be happy to recommend this course and trainer to others. Very informative relaxed and funny. I have learnt so much today about marketing and customers and the skills I need to make our business better. A wonderful and informative day! Can’t fault it!” – Kathy Wilson, Senior Volunteer, Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust
“Informative course which I will hopefully be able to apply in a future role in the NHS.” – Gillian Harrison, Team Leader Financial Services, NHS Rotherham

The key documents from the day are:

The Chartered Institute of Marketing: The real NHS: the benefits of a marketing approach
Presentation Slides: Presentation PDF
Handouts: Questionnaires – Service and Self Assessments

Many thanks to everyone for participating in such a positive day.


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