“The day was excellent. Superbly presented, well paced and very engaging.”

Commerical Skills for CSU

The aim of today’s event in Sheffield was to identify how Commissioning Support Units can create efficient, locally-sensitive and customer-focused services by using commercial skills and understanding.

Workshop Objectives

The objectives of the day were that by the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of being able to market their services.
  • Confidently identify their service features and formulate them into impressive customer benefits.
  • Use commercial skills that can help them to sell their services.
Evaluation Comments

Comments from delegates include (all reproduced with kind written permission):

“The day was excellent. Superbly presented, well paced and very engaging. It clarified and detailed what now appears so obvious! Thank you.” – Helen Hough, Occupational Health Nurse Manager

“Level of interaction was very well balanced. I appreciated that there was no pressure to participate if I was not wholly comfortable.” – Stacey Siddall, Senior Finance Manager

“Being part of a small group meant constant interaction for each member. It kept the day interesting and helped with understanding the concepts by use of examples.” – Sarah Clenton, Business Manager

The key documents from the day are:

The Chartered Institute of Marketing: The real NHS: the benefits of a marketing approach
Presentation Slides: Presentation PDF
Handouts: Questionnaires – Service and Self Assessments

Many thanks to everyone for participating in such a positive day.


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