“Thoroughly enjoyed it – explained in a concise, easy to understand way.”

Commissioning Readiness

Many thanks to all the GPs and Practice Managers who attended the first of the four Commissioning Readiness events in Wakefield today. It was a pleasure to have your company to look at the bigger picture of Government finances, the NHS reforms and the meaning of Commissioning.

Evaluation Comments

Comments received from participants included (all with written permission to be reproduced):

“Very interesting and actively delivered. Thank you.” – Kay Attenborough, Practice Manager

“Thoroughly enjoyed it – explained in a concise, easy to understand way.” – Lynda Heptinstall, Network Manager

“Flowed very well.” – Shakeel Sawar, GP

“Very enjoyable / informative – no suggestions.” – Sue Garrett, Practice Manager

“The overall content has given me a better understanding of the new structure and processes of the NHS.” – Paul Rogers, Practice Manager


Budget 2013 (external link)
OECD Health Data (external link)

Presentation Commissioning Readiness 1 Commissioning PDF

Here’s a fabulous short video to explain the structural changes within the NHS:


Please get in touch if you would like any further resources or information.

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