“Excellent and informative.”

Commissioning Readiness

Many thanks to all the GPs and Practice Managers who attended the third of the four Commissioning Readiness events in Wakefield today. It was a pleasure to have your company to look at the costing of NHS services and some of the pitfalls of a partial understanding of the implications of published costs.

Evaluation Comments

Comments received from participants included (all with written permission to be reproduced):

“Many thanks for an excellent afternoon.” – SJ Wroe, GP

“Enjoyable session!” – Carol Beedham, Practice Manager

“Excellent and informative.” – Janak Chauhan, Practice Manager


NHS Reference Costs (external link)

NHS Costing Manual (external link)

Step-by-Step Guide: Calculating the 2013-14 National Tariff (external link)

Presentation Commissioning Readiness 3 Costing PDF


Please get in touch if you would like any further resources or information.

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