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I’ve worked with The King’s Fund for many years, delivering the finance elements of their board and senior leader programmes across the country, including for medical directors and GP commissioners. It was a pleasure to present the Senior Clinical Leaders Programme for The King’s Fund. It’s fascinating to look at how little we all know about the workings of the UK economy and to compare that to our knowledge of the economic workings of our own individual NHS organisations.

The Treasury YouTube channel contains short but fascinating excerpts from speeches, notable figures and research into taxpayer knowledge.

Balance of Payments
The Balance of Payments problem the UK has suffered for many years in shown in the latest Office for National Statistics ONS figures:

Statistical bulletin: Balance of Payments, Q4 2013 pdf

Key points

  • The United Kingdom’s (UK) current account deficit was £22.4 billion in Quarter 4 2013, down from a revised deficit of £22.8 billion in Quarter 3 2013. The deficit in Quarter 4 2013 equated to 5.4% of GDP at current market prices, down from 5.6% in Quarter 3 2013.
  • The trade deficit narrowed to £5.7 billion in Quarter 4 2013, from £10.0 billion in Quarter 3 2013.
  • The income deficit increased to £10.3 billion in Quarter 4 2013, from £5.9 billion in Quarter 3 2013.
  • The financial account recorded net inward investment of £23.6 billion during Quarter 4 2013.
  • The international investment position recorded UK net liabilities of £21.2 billion at the end of Quarter 4 2013.
  • In 2013, the UK’s current account deficit was £71.1 billion.

Here’s a great YouTube presentation from the ONS which explains the Balance of Payments deficit on the UK’s Current Account:

The Budget
This short video explains why the Treasury holds a Budget each year. It includes archive footage of six former Chancellors on Budget day:

Budget 2014 – a link to the Budget
Budget 2014: documents – the Budget in full

OECD Health Report 2013

OECD Health Data – Health at a Glance 2013
OECD Health Data 2013 – How Does the United Kingdom Compare

Office for National Statistics
Expenditure on Healthcare in the UK, 1997-2012 PDF

2014-06-25 Senior Clinical Leaders Programme – Big Numbers from the workshop PDF

Many thanks to all who attended.


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