“I learnt a great deal the whole day and now feel I could write a business plan.”

Making the Business Case

Many thanks to all the participants who attended the Making the Business Case event near Manchester today. It was a pleasure to have your company.

Evaluation Comments

Comments received from participants included (all with written permission to be reproduced):

“It was brilliant David! Thank you for making me laugh about an essentially dry topic.” – Sam Heywood, CYP IAPT Clinical Lead / Team Leader

“Fantastic day which held me for the whole day (even after lunch)” – Tony Ryan, CYP IAPT Lead

“I learnt a great deal the whole day and now feel I could write a business plan.” – Jo Fyne, Clinical Lead SPA / PMH

“Enjoyed engaging style, use of humour. Look forward to the next masterclass!” – Una Parker, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

“This training is excellent, both informative and educational… whilst also being fun, which is a good/excellent learning style.” – Vicky Jolly, Interim Operational Manager

“Excellent session. Very relevant to my practice.” – Val O’Donnell, Senior Operational Manager


Here are the resources from the day – please use the Username and Password given to you to access them – thank you!

PDF File of the PowerPoint slides from the day.

Making the Business Case – Presentation PDF

Word documents created as pro-formas for your use:

Mission Statement Pro-Forma Word
STEEPLE Pro-Forma Word
SWOT – Pro-Forma Word

Other resources:

KPMG Business Planning Sourcebook PDF
KPMG Business Planning Sourcebook PowerPoint
NHS Capital Investment Manual – Business Case Guide PDF
Cabinet Office – Strategy Survival Guide PDF
Cabinet Office – Strategy Survival Guide – Summary PDF
Making the Business Case – Chartered Society of Physiotherapy PDF


Please get in touch if you would like any further resources or information.

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