Forecasting and Financial Modelling – Birmingham

Today’s event in Birmingham was a chance to investigate tools and techniques to improve Forecasting and Financial Modelling in the NHS. Many thanks to everyone who attended and made the day so interesting and challenging – especially those who had such long journeys.

Evaluation Comments

“Presentation was very enthusiastic, kept content and day interesting.” – Sarah Hall, Unit Accountant, Wye Valley NHS Trust

“Excellent advice re use of subtotal function.” – Mark Groll, Directorate Accountant, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust

“Good use of a variety of methods to encourage participation and thinking.” – Alice Guggenheim, West Midlands Finance Trainee, Birmingham Women’s NHS Foundation Trust

“Excellent presentation. Informative. Good communication. Humorous.” – Trevor Dutton, Senior Finance Manager, Wolverhampton CCG


Here are the resources from the day – please use the Username and Password given to you to access them – thank you!

A copy of the authorised version of the Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards. The Spreadsheet Standards Review Board is the body that develops and maintains the Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards. The SSRB was established by BPM Analytical Empowerment Pty Ltd to bring together the best spreadsheet modelling skills from around the world in order to develop and gain general acceptance for comprehensive and universally applicable Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards:

BPSM Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards

Principles, Techniques and Practice of Spreadsheet Style by Philip L. Bewig — July 28, 2005:

How do you know your spreadsheet is right?

Spreadsheet Modelling Best Practice by Nick Read and Jonathan Batson – April 1999:

IBM Spreadsheet Modelling Best Practice

CIMA’s review of In-year Financial Forecasting in the NHS from 2007:

In-year Financial Forecasting in the NHS – CIMA

Presentation from the day

Forecasting and Financial Modelling Presentation Handout PDF


Please get in touch if you would like any further resources or information.

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