Writing Tenders – “Excellent day, informative and engaging.”

Writing Tenders

Many thanks to all the participants who attended the Writing Tenders event in Warrington today. It was a pleasure to have your company.

The objectives of the day are that at the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Analyse tender questions effectively;
  • Plan tender answers;
  • Use evidence and experience appropriately;
  • Write answers in an appropriate style.
Evaluation Comments

Here are the evaluation comments from the day, all published with written permission:

“Excellent day.” – Judith Neilson, Business Manager

“Excellent course, learnt a lot and enjoyed the practical exercises. I now know how to avoid The Zombies!” – Paula Fletcher, Head of Business Development

“Thank you for enjoyable learning!” – Sarah Haworth, Business Manager

“Excellent day, informative and engaging.” – Carol Lancaster, Head of Transformation

“Brilliant facilitator.” – Victoria Kerley, HR Business Partner

“Useful workshop. Increased my understanding of tender writing.” – Moreen Corbett, Operational Manager

“Enjoyable day, lots of information given was relevant to my role.” – Gillian Harthen, Operational Manager


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