Evaluation: “Superb speaker, I haven’t felt so enthused or engaged in any workshop for years!”

Every development event that I run is fully evaluated. Some, I evaluate myself with a paper evaluation at the end of the training day and a formal report to my NHS clients. Others are evaluated electronically by NHS organisations in the week following the event and I have to wait to hear the result. One electronic evaluation was a ‘Balancing the Books’ event I ran for the East Midlands Leadership Academy last month. I’ve just been sent the evaluation comments where 100% of delegates answered ‘yes’ to the question ‘Would you recommend this event to a colleague?’

Evaluation Comments

Comments included:

“Superb speaker, I haven’t felt so enthused or engaged in any workshop for years! I didn’t want the day to end I had such a thirst for more and I seriously have always considered myself numerically phobic. David proved me wrong and I can’t recommend this workshop enough to colleagues.”

“The course was excellent! David really understood how Finance works in the NHS and was able to put this into practice and explain in detail without making things too complicated.”

“A well prepared session that was timed perfectly!”

“The whole day was of tremendous value and benefit to me personally; recognising that I was not alone in my lack of understanding and knowledge, that I can now with all of my new found learning truly interpret a budget print out.”

“Delivered in a straight-forward understandable way.”

“A very useful day which I am hopeful will change my anxiety when it comes to budgets! I really enjoyed it. Thank you.”

“David made the session very easy to understand, enjoyable and engaging. Thank you!”

“I found this course to be excellent. It was evenly paced and David kept us engaged and interested in the topic throughout. It exceeded my expectations. David’s knowledge of the subject was excellent and it was very helpful that he has experience of working for the NHS as this made it relatable and easier to apply and understand.”

Many thanks to everyone involved for such kind comments. I wish you all well in making a difference.

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