“Fabulous use of humour. A really informative day – thank you.” – Winning NHS Tenders

Winning NHS Tenders

Today’s event in East Coast Community Healthcare was a chance to learn from the experience of creating NHS tenders for clinical services in Winning NHS Tenders. In the past few years I’ve written, edited, challenged or presented successful NHS tenders for three counties of Child and Adolescent Mental Health services, Addictions Services, Children’s Speech and Language Therapy, Eating Disorders and Improving Access to Psychological Therapies among many others.

Comments from today’s event include (with written permission gratefully received):

“Fabulous use of humour. A really informative day – thank you.” – Angela Wilson, Clinical Services Co-ordinator

“Excellent timekeeping. Really enjoyable. Learnt more than I imagined.” – Kate Spence, Clinical Services Co-ordinator

“David was engaging and interesting, made the day entertaining as well as informative.” – Sara Harvey, Practice Manager

Workshop Materials

Winning NHS Tenders – Presentation

I wish the delegates all the best in creating successful tenders to improve services to their patients and clients. Many thanks to everyone involved for such a positive day.


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