“David has made a difficult and complex subject into a simpler idiot’s guide using no jargon and humour. Thank you. Would recommend to any manager!” – The NHS Budget Holder’s Survival Guide – Kegworth

The NHS Budget Holder's Survival Guide

Many thanks to everyone who attended The NHS Budget Holder’s Survival Guide in Kegworth today.

It’s always interesting to see how people’s confidence in interpreting financial reports can be transformed in just a day. I’ve spent two decades delivering finance training within the NHS and have developed a Seven Step Method for interpreting financial reports using seven questions, making three calculations and taking no more than 15 minutes. It works every time.

Evaluation Comments

“One of the best days in a long time – very worthwhile. Excellent day, really interesting and relevant, David provided enough examples and entertainment to keep everyone on track. I will recommend this study day to my colleagues.”Liz Wing, Ward Sister

“This should be made available to NHS staff involved in budget management / commissioning jobs e.g. high cost drugs pharmacists.”SueWen Leu, High Cost Drugs Pharmacist

“David Bailey brought an unusual slant on budget education. An accountant with a sense of humour. Highly recommended.”Cheryl Hooper, Trust LEad for DXA and Fracture Liaison

“Very enjoyable as was David’s Business Case session.”Paula Herr, Head of Workforce and Organisational Effectiveness

“Very good session, knowledge and presentation style.”Daniel Kumar, Industry Delivery Manager

“As a new ward manager this has been very helpful in my understanding of ward budget. I think this should be mandatory for all new managers to give a better understanding of role and responsibility.”Rosemary Bull, Ward Manager

“David has made a difficult and complex subject into a simpler idiot’s guide using no jargon and humour. Thank you. Would recommend to any manager! This has been really beneficial in my role as a budget holder (team leader) for large group of staff. Never had a proper explanation / teaching regarding budgets, how to read, question, when came into post two years ago. I feel confident in going back to my finance department and questioning of budget to take more control over it and ensure it reflects service demands.” Amy Cauldwell, Team Leader Emergency Theatres

“I knew very little as don’t yet hold a budget, theerfore learnt a lot and am no longer afraid of budgets”Niki Houltby, Band 7 Physiotherapist

“All was good. Pitched at the right level.”Yolanda Martin, Head of Communications


It’s essential to have a Budgetary Control Policy within your organisation if you’re going to have clear standards of financial support and clear policies for financial practice. Examples of Budgetary Control Policies include:

Lincolnshire Partnership – Budgetary Control Manual
The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust – Budgetary Control Policy

I wish you luck in implementing your Action Plan. Do let me know how you get on. Many thanks to everyone who made the day so successful. Feel free to leave a review below in Leave A Reply. Thank you.


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