Surgical Trainees Leadership Programme – HSMC Birmingham – “Superb speaker. Knowledgeable, informative and interactive. Learnt a lot!”

Leadership Programme

I’ve worked with the Health Services Management Centre before and enjoyed the experience. It was a pleasure to present the first session on the Surgical Trainees Leadership Programme. It’s fascinating to look at how little we all know about the workings of the UK economy and to compare that to our knowledge of the economic workings of our own individual NHS organisations. We went on a journey from the biggest picture possible of the whole of Government finances down through the funding structure of the NHS to look at the individual payment made for an individual patient by one NHS organisation to another.

Evaluation Comments

Here are some of the evaluation comments from the day (with kind permission from the participants):

“Engaging and interesting speaker. Eye-opening details, well presented.”Graham

“Nice to finally meet someone who makes NHS finance understandable and (are you ready for the surprise?!)… FUN!”Joana Lopes

“Beautifully explained funding.”Mathew

“Enthusiastic and interesting presentation on NHS financing.”Eshan Senanayake

“Brilliant. A complicated topic made understandable in a witty and funny way.”Toni Isaacson

“Very succinct but contained all essential details about a very complex topic. Great delivery style and engaging. Very enjoyable!”

“Funny, engaging and able to convey a tricky and convoluted topic with ease.”Ben Fisher

“Fantastic talk by David Bailey about NHS structure and finances. Informative, interactive, very enjoyable and made a very complex topic easy to understand.”Richard Laing

“Hugely enjoyable and very useful. Would highly recommend!”Felicity Page

“Very interesting session. David is a very good interactive speaker.”Julian Alshakarchi

“Exceptional. Informative. Interactive.!Ali Ehsanullah

“Very charismatic and clear about a potentially complex opaque structure.”Aneesh Mohindra

“Massively insightful.”Tom Hunter

“Excellent session explaining a complex topic in a fun, understandable manner. Thank you very much.”Cynthia De Courcey

“Very engaging and humorous speaker.”Parminder Kaur

“Eye opening and very informative presented in a very enjoyable and enthusiastic manner.” Kate McNamara

“Eye opening session on NHS structure and finance. Thank you.”Liz Ross

“Superb speaker. Knowledgeable, informative and interactive. Learnt a lot!”Hannah Travers

“An accountant with a personality, delivered key information to a tough audience.”Raj Nandra

The Treasury YouTube channel contains short but fascinating excerpts from speeches, notable figures and research into taxpayer knowledge.


Here’s how the NHS currently works in The King’s Fund video:

Balance of Payments
The Balance of Payments problem the UK has suffered for many years in shown in the Office for National Statistics ONS figures:

ONS: Balance of Payments

The Spring Budget 2017

Budget 2017 – a link to the Budget
Budget 2017: documents – the Budget in full

OECD Health Spending Report
OECD Health Statistics – OECD Focus on Health Spending

Office for National Statistics
How does UK healthcare spending compare internationally?

The NHS in Wales is funded differently than the NHS in England. Here’s how: NHS Wales Budget

2018-02-12 Leadership Programme

Many thanks to all who attended. Feel free to Leave a Reply with your review of the day. Good luck with the rest of your programme. I wish you well.


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