“David Bailey was a very informative and brilliant presenter.” – Advanced Forecasting and Financial Modelling – Kegworth

Advanced Forecasting

Today’s event in Kegworth was a chance to investigate tools and techniques to improve Advanced Forecasting and Financial Modelling in the NHS. Many thanks to everyone who came and made the day so interesting and challenging. It was a pleasure to have your company.

Evaluation Comments

Here are just some of the evaluation comments (all reproduced with written permission):

“Engaging presenter making the day extremely entertaining whilst getting the subject matter across.”

“Very informative and engaging. David is very passionate and knowledgeable on his subject.”

“Very useful! David challenges you to think about your current methods of forecasting and then takes it to the next level! Great, thanks!”

“The course was very useful to help identify ways in which we could improve the forecasting processes in our organisation; to ensure the forecasts are aligned, based upon best practice and the assumptions and methods used to derive the forecasts are understood by the users.”

“Normally a training session can be quite dry but I found David to be engaging with a great sense of humour. I will be taking a lot of discussion points back to my workplace. Thank you David”

“Helps question the status quo of the normal methods used applied within forecasting. eg average to date etc. Gained a great deal of information which I can adapt to the work I am currently undertaking. Would like to see the model used on savings delivery where known data is limited. Thank you.”

“David Bailey was a very informative and brilliant presenter. Very engaging. Enjoyable course (and useful). Thank you.”

“A great day with useful insight into forecasting models, methods and who is involved in them and who should be. Will definitely be using the model to forecast ward drug spend at my own trust! Thank you.”

“It was a very useful, beneficial day. I will take back things learnt to the workplace and improve my forecasting.”


Here are the resources from the day – please use the Username and Password given to you to access them – thank you!

The Linear Exponential Smoothing Forecasting Spreadsheet model – Advanced Forecasting Model – davidbaileyfcca – production v2 XLSX file
10 Step Method for Forecasting using Linear Exponential Smoothing PDF file

A copy of the authorised version of the Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards. The Spreadsheet Standards Review Board is the body that develops and maintains the Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards. The SSRB was established by BPM Analytical Empowerment Pty Ltd to bring together the best spreadsheet modelling skills from around the world in order to develop and gain general acceptance for comprehensive and universally applicable Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards:

BPSM Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards

Principles, Techniques and Practice of Spreadsheet Style by Philip L. Bewig — July 28, 2005:

How do you know your spreadsheet is right?

Spreadsheet Modelling Best Practice by Nick Read and Jonathan Batson – April 1999:

IBM Spreadsheet Modelling Best Practice

CIMA’s review of In-year Financial Forecasting in the NHS from 2007:

In-year Financial Forecasting in the NHS – CIMA

Presentation from the day:

Advanced Forecasting – presentation PDF

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Please get in touch if you would like any further resources or information.

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