“Entertaining, memorable and highly instructive day.” – The NHS Budget Holder’s Survival Guide – Nottingham

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Today was another great day running The Budget Holder’s Survival Guide – this time in Nottingham for a large mixed group of NHS staff. It’s such a pleasure to work with people so eager to learn new skills. Thanks to everyone who made it such a great day.

Evaluation Comments

Comments from today’s event include (with permission gratefully received from each participant):

“Entertaining, memorable and highly instructive day. I have learnt a lot and I will be using it for the good of patients.”

“Thank you for making a dry and complicated area of my work interesting, fun and relevant to my role. I feel much more confident on how to approach my financial management with my colleagues and accountant and will hopefully make a difference to patients and staff in my service. Would absolutely recommend this course.”

“A very helpful session about being a budget holder. The trainer, David, is very knowledgeable and experienced. I believe every budget holder should have training like this to prepare them to be a better health care manager, definitely part of leadership competencies. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!”

“Very interesting day. Very useful.”

“Useful information and engaging delivery.”

Far exceeded my expectations on how engaging budgets could be!”

“Highly recommend this study day. Made it easy to understand and very entertaining.”

“David was as entertaining as Michael McIntyre doing standup! HE brought energy and enthusiasm to the day. The financial exercises were done with imagination and regular punctuation with real life examples. He holds attention of the room and is warmly recommended. I feel I can do my new role with confidence! Thank you so much.”Christina Wilson

“Really enjoyable and insightful day tearing down walls of obscurity surrounding what a budget holder is and does. Lessons learnt here will be used in the day-t-day running of the services I manage. Would absolutely recommend to first time and existing budget holders.”

“Thank you for teaching me some of the fundamentals of finance in the NHS. It has taught me how to manage finance on an extremely practical level.”

“David Bailey is a unusual accountant / trainer – he’s humorous!! He made an intensive subject as light and easy to understand as possible. Many thanks David.”

“Very informative course. I have learnt a lot.”

“Really enjoyed the day. One of the most useful training days I have attended in 15 years as an NHS manager! Many thanks.”

“The Seven Point Plan will be a life-saver.”

“Well done! Excellent! Beyond my expectations!”


It’s always interesting to see how people’s confidence in interpreting financial reports can be transformed in just a day. I’ve spent two decades doing finance training within the NHS and have developed a Seven Step Method for interpreting financial reports using seven questions, making three calculations and taking no more than 15 minutes. It works every time.


It’s essential to have a Budgetary Control Policy within your organisation if you’re going to have clear standards of financial support and clear policies for financial practice. Examples of Budgetary Control Policies include:

Lincolnshire Partnership – Budgetary Control Manual
The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust – Budgetary Control Policy
Northern, Eastern and Western Devon CCG – Budget Holders Manual

I wish you luck in implementing your Action Plan. Do let me know how you get on. Many thanks to everyone who made the day so successful. Feel free to leave a review below in Leave A Reply. Thank you.

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