“Best study day I have ever been on.” – The NHS Budget Holder’s Survival Guide – Derby

The NHS Budget Holder's Survival Guide - davidbaileyfcca

Today was another great day running The Budget Holder’s Survival Guide – this time in Derby – for a mixed group of NHS staff. It’s such a pleasure to work with people so eager to learn new skills. Thanks to everyone who made it such a great day.

Comments on the day

Comments from today’s event include (with permission gratefully received from each participant):

“The best study day I have ever been on.”

“David put on a really informative and helpful session. His knowledge and workshop style has helped me feel more confident in being a budget holder. Thanks.”.”

“It’s like putting on a pair of glasses and being able to see properly. Who knew how interesting budgets could be?”

Really informative day and leaving with better understanding of how to manage a budget.”

“Attended this session with little knowledge, left with lots of reasons to ask questions to understand managing the budget.”

“Great course delivery – easy to understand guide to budget management. Clear, concise presentation.”

“Amazing and enlightening experience. Gives knowledge to build confidence in an NHS finance area. Very detailed and relevant.”

“You have a great ability to make the most boring aspect of my working life interesting – an enjoyable day.”

“Informative and helpful to understand budget responsibilities. Good use of my day. Better than expected.”

“A dry subject has been brilliantly and simply presented. Thank you David.”

“Made the Budget Holder’s Survival Guide interesting. The group exercises made it ‘real’.”

It’s always interesting to see how people’s confidence in interpreting financial reports can be transformed in just a day. I’ve spent two decades doing finance training within the NHS and have developed a Seven Step Method for interpreting financial reports using seven questions, making three calculations and taking no more than 15 minutes. It works every time.


It’s essential to have a Budgetary Control Policy within your organisation if you’re going to have clear standards of financial support and clear policies for financial practice. Examples of Budgetary Control Policies include:

Lincolnshire Partnership – Budgetary Control Manual
The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust – Budgetary Control Policy
Northern, Eastern and Western Devon CCG – Budget Holders Manual

I wish you luck in implementing your Action Plan. Do let me know how you get on. Many thanks to everyone who made the day so successful. Feel free to leave a review below in Leave A Reply. Thank you.

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