“A paradigm shift in my understanding of finance and economics” – Clinical Directors and Lead Clinicians – The King’s Fund

I’ve worked with The King’s Fund for many years, delivering the finance elements of their board and senior leader programmes, including for medical directors and GP commissioners. It was a pleasure to present the Clinical Directors and Lead Clinicians Programme for The King’s Fund. It’s fascinating to look at how little we all know about the workings of the UK economy and to compare that to our knowledge of the economic workings of our own individual NHS organisations.

Evaluation Comments

Here are some of the evaluation comments from the day (with kind permission from the participants):

“An entertaining and illuminating introduction to NHS finance.”

“A paradigm shift in my understanding of finance and economics presented with a very dry wit.”

“Better understanding of the mysteries of NHS finance! Clear and engaging talk.”

“Great lecture, very interactive, I felt engaged throughout! I better understand NHS finances.”

“An excellent journey to economic enlightenment! A real opportunity to step outside our echo chambers and learn a new approach. Thank you!”

“Great introduction to NHS finance concepts and terminology and the bigger picture. Engaging, interactive and thought-provoking. Useful for every NHS budget holder struggling to negotiate their path.”

“David has demystified the world of NHS finance and accountants. I may even get in touch with mine and start some new conversations.”

“Interesting course. Helpful for understanding the structure of NHS finance and how finance and economics should be thought of as different but presented together.”

“An afternoon that demonstrated how values-based leadership transforms understanding – finance is not just about the money, economics is not just about the gap.”



2022-02-16 Big Numbers – Presentation – PPT Presentation

Many thanks to all who attended. Feel free to Leave a Reply with your review of the day.

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