“Fascinating. Entertaining. Informative. Challenged thinking. Knowledgeable. BRILLIANT. Thank you!” – The King’s Fund – Senior Clinical Leaders

Many thanks to everyone who gave me such a warm welcome at The King’s Fund today on my session for the Senior Clinical Leaders Programme. It was a pleasure to engage with you and inspire and equip you to make a difference to patient care. Here are the comments from my session:

“Simply fantastic. One of the best lectures I have attended. I could listen to David the whole day!”

“What a fantastic session. Awesome, inspiring and engaging. Thank you.”

“Makes finance fun and economics engaging.”

“Fascinating. Entertaining. Informative. Challenged thinking. Knowledgeable. BRILLIANT. Thank you!”

“A highly enjoyable / entertaining 2 hours that opened our eyes to concepts we hadn’t considered before…”

“Incredibly engaging speaker presenting a complex subject in an understandable to entertaining manner.”

“Fabulous session… so insightful and thought-provoking. It has definitely improved my understanding of finance systems and economics… wish it had been longer.”

“David Bailey very engaging from finance point of view and despite the subject is very interesting.”

“Thank you for a refreshingly engaging session that helped me broaden my understanding but also challenged me to engage more.” – Rhoda Allison, Deputy Chief Allied Health Professional

“Thank you! Held my attention for 2 hours and left me wanting more – a first for any accountant or finance meeting in recent times for me. Learned a lot, several lightbulb moments which will help me in my role as clinical leader, and eased some frustrations.”

“Fantastic talk, hugely entertaining and brought to life a sometimes confusing and opaque world of NHS finance. Thoroughly recommended.” – James MacDonald, Deputy Medical Director

“A fantastic, engaging and amusing look at finance and economics in health organisations. Would highly recommend your organisation to utilise this to improve their knowledge and ability to collaborate together for the benefit of patient care!”

“Very engaging and pragmatic approach to understanding the bigger picture of NHS finances.” – Anand Viswanath, Deputy Chief Medical Officer

“A thoroughly entertaining and utterly illuminating explanation of finance and economics in healthcare. I have new confidence to challenge and not just feel unequipped to enter the conversation as I have done previously. Thank you.” – Hannah Zacharias, Consultant in Palliative Medicine

“Storytelling his way through complex concepts of finance and economics… this is like Jackanory for clinicians. Only it won’t send you to sleep.” – Holly Paris, Clinical Director

“If you want to feel empowered to challenge your colleagues at work to make the right decisions for their patients, David’s talk will make it possible and give you the confidence to do it.”

“Gets you to think differently about finance and economics and the impact your perspective can have on adding value. Engaging speaker.”

“The experience of the session has provided me with the ability to understand more widely how to inform and confidently deliver my future business cases. Thank you”

“If you need or want to be re-engergised on the topic of finance in the NHS, this is the talk for you.”

My thanks and best wishes to you all.

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