“Insightful, witty, intelligent, interesting, thought-provoking and educational.” – Senior Clinical Leaders – The King’s Fund

I’ve worked with The King’s Fund for many years, delivering the finance elements of their board and senior leader programmes across the country, including for medical directors and GP commissioners. It was a pleasure to present the Senior Clinical Leaders Programme for The King’s Fund. It’s fascinating to look at how little we all know about the workings of the UK economy and to compare that to our knowledge of the economic workings of our own individual NHS organisations.

Evaluation Comments

Here are some of the evaluation comments from the day (with kind permission from the participants):

“”A wonderful overview of NHS finance for keen, bright people who knew alarmingly little when we started the afternoon.”

“Excellent, entertaining and informative – I would definitely recommend to others.”

“A truly entertaining educational experience.”

“Insightful, witty, intelligent, interesting, thought-provoking and educational.” – Sam Sandow

“Sparkling refreshing view of economics and NHS finances. Thank you.” Medical Director, DGH

“Thought provoking session – I had never thought of our CFO as a psychologist and ethicist. New found respect.” Diana Badcock

“David Bailey has shed an entire different light into the world of finance and economics. The complexity of ethics, money and how these affect how money is spent was very well outlined and I learned a great deal. Thank you!”

“A truly engaging session which (almost) made sense of public finances and NHS finances – the afternoon flew by.”

“Superb presentation and delivery on complex financial and economic topics. Refreshing and brilliant approach.” Dr Peter Williams, Assistant Medical Director

“An extremely informative and interesting journey about big numbers and the difference between finance and economics. Never a dull moment.” Adrian T

“An entertaining and hilarious way of presenting complex NHS finance and health economics to clinical staff. Very entertaining indeed.”

“I was expecting calculators and Excel. Instead a truly refreshing overview of finance and economics within health. Thank you.”

“Entertaining and cleverly delivered concepts on economics and finance. I can apply to my daily work. Thank you.” Emma Alkhabbaz, Clinical Fellow Palliative Medicine, Great Ormond Street Hospital

“Provided an excellent understanding of healthcare finances.”

“This was the session I was least looking forward to, but enjoyed the most! Illuminating!”

The Treasury YouTube channel contains short but fascinating excerpts from speeches, notable figures and research into taxpayer knowledge.

Balance of Payments
The Balance of Payments problem the UK has suffered for many years in shown in the Office for National Statistics ONS figures:
ONS: Balance of Payments

The Autumn Budget 2018
Budget 2018 – a link to the Budget
Budget 2018: documents – the Budget in full

The King’s Fund
How the NHS is structured: https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/audio-video/how-new-nhs-structured

OECD Health Spending Report
OECD Health Statistics – OECD Focus on Health Spending

Office for National Statistics
How does UK healthcare spending compare internationally?

The NHS in Wales is funded differently than the NHS in England Here’s how: NHS Wales Budget


2019-05-02 Big Numbers PPT Presentation

Many thanks to all who attended. Feel free to Leave a Reply with your review of the day.

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